Come have a sneak peak as we set up for Throttle Roll 2015. On the Friday, we get dirty. Scaffolding is built, bikes are lifted and beers are had. The stage is set, the bars put in place and we sit back and wait for Saturday to arrive.


The Main event takes place consisting of The Ride, A street show consisting of hundreds of bikes, 50 of Australia’s best café racers, bobbers and classics uniquely displayed on scaffolding, bands, DJ’s, competitions, meat on the spit and a whole heaps of booze. It’s family friendly, its pet friendly and its generally just all out friendly. No macho bullshit here.


It also happens to be Mother’s Day. Come down and get your old lady to throw a leg over a bike and we will shoot a photo for her to treasure forever. Live music just after lunch. This is the start of the recovery. The night will see the recently released sequel to Steve McQueens ‘On Any Sunday’ on the big screen.

Past bikes of Throttle Roll

Gear up before you beer up.

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